Airplane Humidity

We've all walked off the plane with our throat parched, eyes dry, and skin lizard-like. Why does long-haul flying leave pilots and passengers feeling as if they just spent 40 days under the desert sun?

What do Pilots Eat?

Few start their aviation career with ambitions to eat dinner from an airport Chili\'s To-Go everyday. While pilots may grab a quick bite and coffee from Starbucks or Dunkin\' Donuts when the mood strikes, most aviators want to maintain their medical. How can a travelers find nutrious and delicious food in a crowded airport terminal on a tight turnaround?

What is a Furlough?

What is furlough and why are they so common in the among airlines? How will COVID 19 affect pilot furloughs? As airline expansion and contraction closely mirrors that of the overall global economy, pilots face potential furloughs when markets weaken.

Pipeline Pilot Jobs

Looking for low-time pilot jobs but don't want to work as a CFI? Curious about a pipeline pilot's salary? Find out how to build time as a pipeline pilot and pursue your aviation career dreams!

San José State University Aviation

San José State University offers a Bachelor of Science in Aviation, preparing students for professional pilot, airport management and operations, and air traffic control management employment opportunities.

Living the Corporate Pilot Life

Want to live the corporate pilot life or just a day-in-the-life? How many hours do corporate pilots fly a year? How many nights do corporate pilots spend away from home? Learn more about the corporate pilot life and follow your aviation dreams!

Ultimate Pilot Pay Guide

How much do airline pilots make? What is the salary of a regional pilot? A passion for flight drives many to aviation careers. But at the end of the day, a paycheck matters. Learn how much pilots make working for different types of airlines and operations.

Pilot License Cost

How much does a pilot license cost? Find out how much a private pilot license costs and pursue your aviation dreams!

Flight Instructor Career Guide

Find out how to become a flight instructor and get paid to fly. Find out why becoming a flight instructor is the best first job for airline pilots!

What is a Glider?

Gliders, also known as sailplanes, are engine-less aircraft. While flown for recreation, glider flight is a boon for adept stick and rudder skills. Which is why anyone seeking to become a professional pilot should consider glider flight!

Does Glider Time Count?

Does Time Flying in Gliders Count Towards Total Time for a Private Pilot License? Can glider time count towards a commercial rating?

Part 61 vs Part 141

What is the difference between Part 61 and Part 141 flight schools? And, which one should you choose for your aviation dreams?

Best Florida Flight Schools | Orlando | Miami | Ft. Lauderdale

Find the best, cheapest flight schools in Orlando, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale to pursue your aviation dreams and become a pilot.

Basicmed - Do you Qualify?

Do you qualify for BasicMed? Learn more about this game changing regulation allowing pilots to fly without a medical certificate.

The 17 Best Aviation Podcasts

With so many great aviation podcasts available, it is hard to find the time to listen to every Podcast and near-impossible to listen to every episode. Broken down by category, the list below will provide far more fun, educational, and inspiring listening hours than you have at your disposal. Queue a few new podcasts up for your next cross-country road trip, trek to the gym, or morning commute.